The Arab Festival for Radio and Television largest and most important demonstration of television and radio media in the Arab region.
This major event, organized by the Arab States Broadcasting Union in partnership with the institutions of radio and television Altoncetin and cooperation with the Arab S
atellite Communications Organization (Arabsat), Tunisia has become a waitingFrom the beginning of the annual journal of the year 2015 and after that was organized once every two years.


  The festival targets

Contribute to the development of radio and television production of the Arab and improve its level to respond to the aspirations of the member bodies of the Union.

Monitor trends and innovative avenue in radio production and the Arab television.

Development of creative energies in the areas of the Arab Radio and Television

Encourage fair competition between public and private bodies and entities producing television material and constructive criticism and objective to achieve access to the production of a distinct Arabic.

Producers urged the private sector to respond more to the needs of the masses of listeners and viewers, and for their contribution to the actor in raising the level of cultural awareness and aesthetic taste in the work that they produce.