Authority projects

1. Multi-media exchange project via satellite (MENOS-ASBU)
Multi-media exchange via satellite project (MENOS-ASBU), one of the vital projects that provide news television and radio exchange between members and can be used in training and in remote networks and internet access in the video conferencing and includes an archive Ketrona..k system. And implemented the Arab States Broadcasting Union this project in collaboration with members of the large role in providing radio and television services and coordination among its members, especially news exchange constant quest to develop exchanges between the member systems and reduce costs.

2. podium satellite project to compile satellite radio and television:
It is a partnership between the Commission and Arabsat project was signed partnership agreement in 2009 and this project is one of the promising and important for the body to develop its resources investment projects realized by the side of the resettlement of Sudanese channels migratory and assembled in addition to providing reporters and agency services. Arabsat and has carried out the subsequent obligations as provided body linking devices by contract agreement. The service is expected to launch within a month from now. The platform aims to achieve the following:
a. The transfer of 24 broadcasting service from the platform to the satellites, with the formation of a reserve
B. The transfer of 16 television channels from the platform to the satellites, with the formation of a reserve 4
B. Linking satellite radio and television platform sites for the transfer of programs through links Alfabir
C. Podium satellite surveillance

3. Project terrestrial FM / TV services platform
Of ongoing investment projects and compile means terrestrial FM radio and television broadcasting terrestrial government and private services have been installed to accommodate the antenna tower, it has been installed to accommodate the devices ready buildings. Remain to complete this project bring hardware and cabling

4. secure radio coverage medium- and short-wave:
There are over medium and short-wave radio broadcast stations List believes broadcast of large parts of the country and must maintain these services to its strategic importance and it upgrades the following stations:
a. Upgrade Antenna Station White Send
B. In addition to the antenna terminal Afattaahab short wave
C. Rehabilitation Afattaahab plant (Phase I)
Dr. Soba rehabilitation stations and Singa medium wave

5. Monitoring and Control Project for radio and television:
The proportion of the multiplicity of broadcasting and public television and private channels had to be a mechanism to control the signal distribution, and achieve broadcast quality and control the various hardware performance and verification as well as the control of these devices work to achieve the Commission’s mandate on the radio and television broadcasts.