About the corporation

That is the establishment of the General Authority for Sudanese radio and television broadcasting has identified the purposes and powers of the Commission and which are summarized in general:
1. Operating: transmission and re-run radio and television transmitter ground and operate transmitter space for radio and television services of national and private. So as to achieve the proliferation of radio and television media message that are manufactured in the bodies of radio and television.
2. regulation: licensing, supervision and surveillance to private radios. In this regard, the Commission a draft law to regulate radio and television broadcasting and pushing it to the Ministry of Information initiated. Also it established within the structure of public administration concerned with the affairs broadcast regulation and issue necessary for the exercise of radio and television broadcasting and control of broadcast stations and collection of fees and licenses, according to the order of the establishment of the Authority and the law to be issued.

Purposes of the board:
The Commission shall in addition to the purposes set forth in the law the following purposes: –
(A) the employment of technical means and modern media and international information network to spread a message radio and television media.
(B) the organization of the broadcast and re-broadcast and licensing of radio and television stations.
(C) documentation of the engineering and technical relations with bodies and counterpart institutions in other countries and regional and international organizations in the field of radio and television broadcasting.
(D) engineering and technical capacity development among workers Authority with continuous training and build individual and institutional capacity in the field of radio and television broadcasting.
(E) technical and engineering cooperation with state agencies operating in the field of broadcasting and television to develop their performance and raise the technical capabilities and the training of employees.
(F) the employment of means of communication for the purposes of broadcast and re-broadcast any entity licensed to operate in Sudan in the field of radio and television broadcasting.
(G) providing consultancy and technical services in the field of broadcast and communication and information for the purposes of broadcasting.