Broadcasting and television services

1.toziv technical means and modern media and international information network for the proliferation of radio and television media message.

2.tnzim broadcast and re-broadcast license for the radio and television stations.

3.aqamh and contact management of national, state and transmitters to cover Sudan’s broadcasting and television stations.

4.anchae and management and operation of transmitters radio transmissions National on short and medium waves which are found in more than 20 locations in the country.

5.adarh the FM network in all states of the country and the 45 locations and provide all national radio services (Radio program Am- House Alsudana- Holy Quran Radio).

6.adarh about 96 stations for re-broadcast of the terrestrial TV Sudan.

7.dman satellite coverage of the world by satellite included various satellites Arabsat and Nilesat satellites and unified Arab bundle, which runs from the Authority for ground stations.

8.totiq engineering and technical relations with bodies and counterpart institutions in other countries and regional and international organizations in the field of radio and television broadcasts.

9.tnumeih engineering and technical capabilities of workers Authority with continuous training and build individual and institutional capacity in the field of radio and television broadcasts.

10.altaaon technical engineering with state organs working in the field of broadcasting and television to improve its performance and raise the technical capabilities and the training of employees.

11.tkadim consulting and technical services in the transmission, telecommunications and informatics areas for the purposes of broadcasting.

12.toziv means of communication for the purposes of broadcast and re-broadcast in the field of radio and television broadcasting to anyone licensed to operate in Sudan in the field of radio and television broadcasting